GCG codonpreference - problem with 25521bp (okay with 25520bp)

Frank Wright mbfw at s-crim1.dl.ac.uk
Mon Aug 2 10:03:23 EST 1993

Running GCG codonpreference with -bias=gc option on SGI Unix 
and SUN Unix (using gcg navigator menu)...

Using Yeast chromosome III (accession number x59720), I played
about with the maximum length of sequence that codonpreference
was okay with....

Using 1 to 25,520, the plot produced looked okay.

Using 1 to 25,521, the plot was almost complete except that 
the last little bit of the "GC composition" curve was missing.

As you increase beyond 25,521, more and more of the graph is
not plotted.

Maybe there is a limit to the size of the graphics file
produced?  Can this be altered easily?

Frank Wright
SASS, University of Edinburgh,
Edinburgh, Scotland, U.K.

frank @ sass.sari.ac.uk

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