Ron Cole rcole at NCSA.UIUC.EDU
Sun Aug 1 04:20:13 EST 1993

	Is there existing software to display the predicted secondary structure
of aligned sequences?  I think this would be very useful, and I am going to
write something if nothing already exists.  I would like a program that could
combine the output of PILEUP and PEPTIDESTRUCTURE to produce a table like the
one below.  If any one knows of any such software, or has any suggestions of
other considerations I should take in writing such a program, then I would
appreciate the information.  If I do end up writing such a program, I will
gladly give a copy to anyone who wants one. 

Sample Output (This is more or less bogus data meant only to show how the 
output could be formatted.  I use the Chou-Fasman prediction below, however,
a second similar set of output using the Garnier-Osguthorpe-Robson method
would also be generated.)

   Chou-Fasman	hhhhhh..bbbbbT

   Chou-Fasman	hhhhhh--BBBBBt

 and so on to

Sequence n	SEW...QIGQPFVA
   Chou-Fasman  hhh---hh.bbbbb

Thank you,
Skip Cole	rcole at ncsa.uiuc.edu

ps. I am using e-mail to post this, so please mail all responses back to me.
    If there is significant interest, then I will summarize this and make
    another posting.  Thank you.

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