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  1. D-fructose--4,288 candidates with di-triplet backbones   Robert Whitby
  2. Invited Papers and Invitation in the Committee. 2004 WORLD Congress on MATHEMATICAL BIOLOGY   WSEAS Invited Papers and Invitation in the Committee
  3. question about 3'UTR   Barry Shur
  4. D-glucose backbones with O-atoms   Robert Whitby
  5. Society for Glycobiology 2004 Meeting   mailer at glycobiology.org
  6. Invitation. glycosci@net.bio.net The World MultiConference in Izmir (Turkey, September 2004), anticipated number of papers more than 500 (in Athens, Greece, in July 2004 we have received more than 800 papers)   WSEAS
  7. Seqs, synths, mass specs, MALDIs, etc. available   Michael Sherrell
  8. Glycogen linkable D-glucose candidates   Robert Whitby

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