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Dear Glycoscientist

This is an update regarding the reorganization of the grant review
structure at the National Institutes of Health (
http://www.csr.nih.gov/review/reorgact.asp). A new set of study sections
have now been recommended that covers Cell Biology (

*	Cell Physiology Study Section (CP)
*	Nuclear-Cytoplasmic Dynamics Study Section (NCD)
*	Extracellular Interactions Study Section (ECI)
*	Cell Structure and Function Study Section (CSF)
*	Cell Organization and Regulation Study Section (COR)

For details please visit the society's website www.glycobiology.org
<http://www.glycobiology.org/> . Note that the only explicit mention of
glycosylation is in the 'Description of Shared Interests Within the
IRG', but not specifically in any study section. 

The proposed cell biology study sections are open for public comment.
You can respond individually, but I would also like to send a letter on
behalf of the Society for Glycobiology. Please coordinate your thoughts
with the reorganization of Biological Chemistry and Macromolecular
Biophysics study sections discussed in a previous note (
http://www.csr.nih.gov/PSBR/BCMB/BCMBIntro.htm). If you can send me your
comments by June 25th, I can send a coordinated message to both IRGs. 

Thanks for your attention. 

Jeff Esko
President, Society for Glycobiology
president at glycobiology.org <mailto:president at glycobiology.org>  


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