Moderation of the list

Iain Wilson ibhwilson at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 29 08:54:27 EST 2002

Dear Glycobiologists,

In the near future the list will be moderated - that is to say I have been 
in successful contact with HGMP (Human Genome Mapping Project), which 
administers biosci, and the relevant things are being put into motion so 
that I will pre-screen posts to the list. I hope therefore that the amount 
of junk on the list will then be zero and that people will then again be 
encouraged to use the list.

I would appreciate therefore that all posts have the name and affiliation of 
the person sending them. If anyone has any other suggestions (i.e., whether 
there should be 'commercial interest disclaimers', how to deal with lay 
questions such as those on 'glyconutrients', or any other rules), please let 
me know either through this e-mail address or my regular university one.

If also one or two people are interested in being deputy moderators (for 
instance if I'm away for a week or more), also please let me know and I'll 
arrange things with HGMP.

With best regards,

Iain Wilson
Universität für Bodenkultur Wien, Austria

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