Rafal Ziobro rrziobro at cyf-kr.edu.pl
Mon Nov 11 07:59:49 EST 2002

David Ashford <da5 at york.ac.uk> wrote:
: How many others feel the same? It's your newsgroup - do you want to keep
: Glycosci going or do you want to close it down?

: There is still the occasional nugget amongst the dross and the level of
: spam on Glycosci is not excessive compared to many public and commercial
: addresses.

The problem is that there are few other postings, so the percentage of 
spam is rather high. 

: Should Glycosci be moderated? We tried before but got nowhere with the
: Biosci administrators. We could try again. Is there a volunteer prepared
: to act as moderator?

I don't think this is necessary.
Aren't there other means to apply? Is it possible e.g. to filter all 
postings with 'glycosci' in the subject, which seem to be most of the 


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