David Ashford da5 at york.ac.uk
Mon Nov 11 07:23:20 EST 2002

How many others feel the same? It's your newsgroup - do you want to keep
Glycosci going or do you want to close it down?

There is still the occasional nugget amongst the dross and the level of
spam on Glycosci is not excessive compared to many public and commercial

Should Glycosci be moderated? We tried before but got nowhere with the
Biosci administrators. We could try again. Is there a volunteer prepared
to act as moderator?

Hopefully this will generate some worthwhile traffic.

David Ashford

Kieran Breen wrote:

> There is an increasing amount of unsolicited,
> non-glycoscience related, spam mail being sent to the
> glycosci discussion group. Is there anybody actually
> responsible for the list (a moderator or such) who can
> actually censor this rubbish out? If this is not
> possible, perhaps it should be abolished.
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