Is glucose present in Branchiostoma belcheri ?

Seiichiro Tarui sei_723 at yahoo.co.jp
Thu Jun 20 09:37:49 EST 2002

Sorry for cross-posting (sci.bio.misc, bionet.glycosci, fj.sci.bio).
Follow up to "fj.sci.bio" please (I am a Japanese).

I have been interested in the presence of trehalose, a
non-reducing sugar, in the hemolymph of insects in contrast with the
presence of glucose in circulating blood in vertebrates. In 1960s,
diabetes was observed in raised carp in Japan(Sekoke Disease).
It could be presumed that diabetes appeared in parallel with the
genesis of vertebrates in the animal kingdom.

It's much obliged to you, if you would let me know whether glucose
is present or not, in the body fluid of protochordates (for example
"Branchiostoma belcheri" ).

# For Japanese people : "Branchiostoma belcheri" is "Namekuji-uo" in
  Japanese. In short, what I want to know is, whether "Namekuji-Uo"
  has glucose in its body fluid or not.
I appreciate any kind of hints, any pointer(URL), or any clue
that can help me solve this problem.

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