ESI fragmentation of oligosaccharides

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Dear Wilaiwan,

Try papers by Vern Reinhold, Anne Dell or Jane Thomas-Oates for a start. I've put a couple of papers at the bottom to start with. Any of the ES MSMS fragmentations will apply to the ESI-TOF but the TOF will allow greater sensitivity and less sample usage. Hope this is of help to set you on the way.

Lemoine J., Fournet B., Despeyroux D., Jennings K.R.,Rosenberg R. and de Hoffman E. Collision induced dissociation of alkali metal cationized and permethylated oligosaccharides: Influence of the collision energy and of the collision gas for the assignment of linkage position.Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectromtry (1993) 4, 197-203

Dell A. (1990) Preparation and desorption mass spectrometry of permethyl and peracetyl derivatives of oligosaccharides. Methods in Enzymology, 193, 647-660

Reinhold V.N., Reinhold B.B. and Chan S. (1996). Carbohydrate sequence analysis by electrospray ionization-mass spectrometry. Methods in Enzymology  271, 377-400

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