Carbohydrate Lab Courses

Roberta K. Merkle rmerkle at arches.uga.edu
Wed Mar 14 12:37:00 EST 2001

Techniques for Characterization of Complex Carbohydrates

Two courses will be offered in the summer of 2001 at the Complex 
Carbohydrate Research Center (CCRC) of The University of Georgia: 
Course 1, Analytical Techniques for Carbohydrate Structure 
Determination  (June 11-15) and Course 2, Separation and Characterization 
of Glycoconjugate Oligosaccharides (June 18-22).

The courses consist of hands-on laboratory work, lectures, and
demonstrations.  Also included are modules on using mass spectrometry
and/or NMR for analysis of glycoconjugates.  A laboratory manual
incorporating selected analytical techniques and references will 
be provided. Each course will feature a guest lecture on a current 
research topic in carbohydrate science.  More details can be seen
at the CCRC web site (http://www.ccrc.uga.edu/web/training/trainingframe.html)

For further information and an application form contact Dr. Roberta K. 
Merkle, CCRC, 220 Riverbend Road, The University of Georgia, Athens, 
Georgia 30602-4712.  Phone: 706-542-4402.  FAX: 706-542-4412.  E-mail: 
rmerkle at arches.uga.edu

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