epimerases and polymer

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Bonjour Florent,

my name is Jean-Claude Mercier

as you are new to Glcoscience, pls go to this website
http://www.glycoscience.com/     I think that it will be helpful to you

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Crépineau Florent wrote in message <38BEDA58.2A151A4C at sb-roscoff.fr>...
>    Hello,
>I am new to glycoscience and I am a bit confused with epimerases.
>I am interested in alginate C5 epimerases especially their mecanism of
>action. Apart from alginate C5 epimerase, I know of C5-glucuronyl
>epimerase which is involved in heparin/heparan biosynthesis. Do you know
>of other epimerases that I could look at and try to compare to alginate
>C5 epimerase ?
>Thank you for reading my message.
>Sincerely yours

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