glycosidic bond

Frank Fuerst ffrank at rz.uni-potsdam.de
Mon Oct 18 09:36:33 EST 1999

Andreas Niederhofer wrote:
> Does someone know a possibility to cut the glycosidic bond in a polymer
> without hydrolysis,  without adding an OH to C4-Atom? I´m looking for a
> reaction that just only divides  the bond between the sugar molecules!

So you want to simultaneously reduce the sugar that was linked at its
C4? (You don't want to create a free radical, do you?) Or do you want
to substitute the hydroxyl group by something else?

And perhaps it should also be selective with respect to the length of
the resulting oligomers... Don't be content with less ;-)

Would a double bond in the sugar ring be OK? There's some enzymes, the
lyases, that catalyse such a cleavage-by-elimination-reaction, e.g.
there are some specific for pectate (polygalacturonic acid) or pectin.


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