"Glyphosate" aka "Roundup" applied warm to reduce concentration

Weed-Control Ltd. (P. O'Shea National Local-Council Contractor) weedcontrol at tinet.ie
Sun Mar 7 03:07:26 EST 1999

I urgently require information on applying Glyphosate in warm water to speed
up weed kill and reduce concentration.
I understand that Glyphosate applied at perhaps 50 centigrade significantly
improves kill ?
We're developing high output sprayer with capacity to apply hot chemical to
plants for the purpose of weedkilling.
We don't know what temperature to design the heating system to reach to
obtain optimum results.
I'm in Ireland (Europe) and the ambient temperatures are too low to carry
out these trials locally.
Any advise is much appreciated.
Patrick O'Shea fss at tinet.ie

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