Announcement: Independent Equipment Appraisal

Andrew M Smith andrew at selectscience.net
Mon Feb 22 07:14:56 EST 1999

Dear Fellow Scientist,
Through your career, you have surely worked with many different pieces of
equipment. Some of these will have been very reliable, well-designed and
particularly appropriate for your application. Some of them, though, will
have been less reliable, or not particularly suitable for your specific
When considering a laboratory purchase, word-of-mouth recommendations
amongst immediate colleagues regarding the suitability of a piece of
equipment has always been a reliable guide. Imagine being able to share
valuable appraisals with scientists all over the world, from every
manufacturer, for every application!
Now an independent team of professionals (with over 20 years' experience in
publishing the highest-quality information on scientific equipment and
techniques) has developed the next-generation solution to this problem.
SelectScience (http://www.selectscience.net) is a powerful WWW-site that
allows scientists all over the world to share their opinions on every piece
of laboratory equipment, from every manufacturer, for every type of
The opinions of real scientists, of "real world" usage of laboratory
equipment and instrumentation will be found on the site
(http://www.selectscience.net), and scientists in your position will come to
the site to help with their planned equipment purchases.
In order to get SelectScience off to a flying start, we would like to invite
you to become an early contributor to the site.
If you feel you have a constructive comment to make about your experiences
with one or more products (either positive or negative), please register
with the SelectScience site (www.selectscience.net), find the appropriate
products, and add your opinions to our database. You will be helping your
fellow laboratory scientists around the world, and might even win yourself a
personalized T-shirt, a palmtop computer or even a digital camera.
The laboratory community needs your help - we are waiting for your visit!
Andrew Smith
Editor, www.selectscience.net

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