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Do you know who just visited your website in the last minute ?
Do you want to contact your most precious leads - website visitors ?
Do you want your website visitors to keep comming back and buy ?

YOU NEED SENSOR!   -  never lose your website contacts again !

SENSOR! is a new software technology that allows you to identify
your website visitors in "real time". Turn "quick" visitors into pure
leads and increase your potential !


Imagine  visiting a  department  store  to  buy  a pair of shoes. You
examine all the shoes on  display, try some, think  about  buying  a
pair, hesitate, and leave the store. You  arrive home & get a phone
call from the Manager of the store  you just visited, thanking you for
visiting the store, and offering you, if you came back, a   special
discount on any of the shoes you examined and tried!

The result!? You will be pleasantly surprised, and --most probably--
you will go  back to buy the shoes you really wanted! The store
Manager gains a very satisfied  customer and a lot of goodwill!


Sensor detects your visitor's e-mail address,  and  collects it in a
file  for your immediate or  future  follow up! You can use an auto
email responder to  thank the visitors for the visit, announce coming
specials, and induce them with discounts if they came back soon!

SENSOR!  -  turning visitors to pure and true leads !

FREE -  FREE - get your free details!

MORE INFORMATION Available on this software !

For MORE INFO, just call or fax us

ACT NOW -turn  visitors into PURE LEADS !

24 hours / 7 days=Call 1-800-242-0363 Ext 1992. Or fax (310) 495-0232.
When you call, or fax, please leave:

1)your name
2)Your phone # with area code
3)email address (please carefully spell it!)
4)fax # (if you have one)
4)Your site's URL
5)and mention you want free information on SENSOR.

All above information is required to enable us email or fax you the 
free details on SENSOR! Thanks.


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