determination of concentration of saccharides

Frank Fürst frank at fuerst.de
Fri Apr 30 04:32:29 EST 1999

Hi netters,

Does anybody know where to find data on the refractive index of
saccharide solutions, or alternative methods?

I am looking for a possibility to determine the concentration of
saccharides and derivatives (in aqueous solution).
I am interested in
- simple sugars like glucose and mannose
- simple derivatives of these, like methyl-alpha-glucopyranoside,
3-O-methyl-glucose etc.
- oligosaccharides and finally
- oligosaccharides labelled at the reducing end with absorbing or
fluorescing groups (glycosidic bonding or reductive amination)

In the last case, absorption would be the method of choice, of course.
But one doesn't know to what extent the absorption coefficient of the
marker is changed upon conjugation with the saccharide, and we never
have enough material to weigh it.

In the other cases I thought of using the refractive index. But I
don't know where to find data of the refractive index of saccharide
solutions, or refractive index increments. I don't have the CRC
Handbook of Chemistry and Physics at hand, but a colleague told me
there's only one table of sucrose in it.

So I ask if somebody knows where to look up that kind of data, or if
somebody would suggest an alternative method. Maybe also something
complicated which could be applied only on one or two really important
compounds in my project, to "calibrate" the refractive index

Thank you in advance,

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