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Fri Sep 18 11:22:07 EST 1998

I would like to subscribe to this bulletin board.
I currently do carbohydrate analysis using a Dionex HPAEC-PAD  system.
I have the book glycoproteins edited by J. Montreuil, and a book on various
methods of carbohydrate analysis.  I am looking for other reading materials on
this subject. I would like to know more about the biosynthesis of
glycoproteins, and the manipulation in mammalian cell culture, the critical
factors of mammalian cell culture as related to glycoproteins and possibly
troubleshooting my analysis results.
Currently I assay for sialic acid  and monosaccharide composition.  I will be
moving into oligoprofiling on this instrument in the next week or two.
Any references or tips that can be provided will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance for your time.
Kelly Cass-Samodral
email: kscs at lilly.com

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