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The research program of the Carbohydrate Section of the Department of
Bio-Organic Chemistry, Bijvoet Center for Biomolecular Research at Utrecht
University, The Netherlands (Prof. Dr J.F.G. Vliegenthart and Prof. Dr J.P.
Kamerling), is focused on the primary / three-dimensional structure
analysis of glycoprotein glycans and polysaccharides, (bio)synthesis of
oligosaccharide sequences, and interaction studies between carbohydrates
and proteins.

We like to announce the following vacancy, which is immediately available:

A PhD position (4 years) for a topic in the framework of a European network
program entitled: "Novel food additives and bioactive components from milk
for innovative nutrient engineering". The work program is directed towards
obtaining bio-active oligosaccharides that have a benificial effect when
used as food additives for functional foods. The bio-active
oligosaccharides are identified primarily in human milk and secondarily in
other mammalian milk by screening for biological activity and establishing
structure/activity relations in profiled milk.

The whole program comprises the following collaborative research tasks: 1.
Isolation, purification and profiling of milk oligosaccharides; 2.
Structural characterisation of the oligosaccharides isolated; 3. Testing
the biological activity of the individual oligosaccharides; 4. Synthesis of
selected bio-active oligosaccharides by chemical and enzymatic means.
The eight groups involved come from Germany, Italy, France and The

The practical work of the applicant, as carried out in the Bijvoet Center,
will focuse on task 2 and part of task 1. It involves the structural
characterisation of isolated milk oligosaccharides from different
biological sources using MS and NMR methods, and the development of HPLC
profiling methods for rapid screening.

At the end of the term a thesis leading to a doctorate at Utrecht
University has to be prepared. Because of EU restrictions, only nationals
of a European country (including The Netherlands) are invited to reflect.

If you are interested and have the right academic qualification for
starting a PhD position in The Netherlands, please send your letter and a
CV to
Prof. Dr J.F.G. Vliegenthart, Chairman of the Department of Bio-Organic
Chemistry, Bijvoet Center, Utrecht University, P.O. Box 80.075, 3508 TB
Utrecht, The Netherlands
Fax: +31 30 2540980
E-mail: vlieg at accu.uu.nl

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