molar extinction coefficient

B Lauder R.Lauder at lancaster.ac.uk
Thu Nov 5 04:04:36 EST 1998

I wonder if anybody can help me out with a question on hyaluronate.
I’m looking for the molar extinction coefficient at 232nm of the of the 
delta4,5-unsaturated uronic acid present at the non-reducing end of 
oligosaccharides generated from hyaluronate by the action of an eliminase 
such as some hyaluronate lyases and chondroitin lyase. Now if anybody 
out there has calculated this value I’ll be delighted if you would share it 
with me, however I know that there is a paper in the literature which has 
this value in it. Now what you are all asking is - if he knows that why 
doesn’t he get the paper? Well I have an answer to that. I picked up the 
reference as a citation from another work - made a note of it and 
subsequently lost it and can’t remember even where I found the citation. 
Yup! you’re correct I feel bad about that one.
Anyway, what I recall is that it was in The Biochemical Journal between 
issue 180 - 198. I would just go to the library and sit and run through the 
lot to find it but these volumes are in storage and I need to request then to 
be sent up - the library are not keen to get the lot sent up.
So,  if you are able to help me out on this I’ll be very grateful.

Biological Sciences, Lancaster University, UK # 
R.Lauder at Lancaster.ac.uk

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