Is Your Web Site A Secret?

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We at Don Daisy Enterprises specialize in PROMOTING 
Web sites, and can significantly improve your site's 
TRAFFIC by getting it listed with a minimum of 
225 search engines for only $85. In addition, you 
don't pay until after the job is done. 

Even a Web site with a great product, not adequately 
listed with the search engines and directories, may 
not get enough inquiries. While listing is free, 
locating the search engines and filling out the 
registration forms is very time consuming.  Therefore, 
we have mechanized the process and can do it much 
faster for a modest fee.  

The top ten search engines that we list with are: 
Alta Vista, AOL NetFind, Excite, HotBot, Infoseek, 
Lycos, Magellan, OpenText, WebCrawler, and Yahoo.  
The total list can be viewed at our Web site. Even 
if you don't use our service, you will find 
invaluable information on preparing your site for 
searches there.  You can double click the 
URL  http://www.site-promo.com/sp to get there.  

If you are interested, the procedure is SIMPLE!  
Double click  http://www.site-promo.com/sp/siteform.htm  
Then fill out the order form that appears on your 
browser,  and click "Submit Form".  We will review 
your registration information.  It will then be 
submitted to the search engines relevant to your site.  
This process will be completed in 2 business days.  
You will be billed $85, payable in US funds drawn on a 
US bank, along with the summary of RESULTS indicating 
where your site has been accepted for registration.

However, if you want to be REMOVED from this mailing 
list and many other mailing lists, please go to the 
URL  http://www.ctct.com  and register with the FREE
mailer-independent, Consumers Connect Privacy Service. 
This mailing list has been pre-processed by them to 
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in unsolicited email. The reference number for this 
mailing list is tct-980423-1698836193

Don Daisy Enterprises LLC


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