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Zürich, 16.6.1998

PhD position available on the subject:

Functional analysis of galectin genes and the role of galectins
in hyphal aggregation and fruitbody development of the basidiomycete 
Coprinus cinereus
Coprinus cinereus is a model organism to study developmental processes 
in the basidiomycetous fungi. Studies in our group focusses on fruitbody 
development and asexual sporulation. Fruitbody development starts with 
differentiation of multihyphal structures that upon distinctive 
environmental and genetic signals develop into mature fruitbodies. Two 
galectins, carbohydrate binding proteins with a specific affinity 
towards b-1,4 linked galactose residues, were identified in fruitbodies 
of C. cinereus. Like the formation of the multihyphal structures, 
expression of the two galectins is controlled by A mating type proteins, 
by light and by nutritional limitations and increases with maturation of 
the fruitbody. Galectins are secreted proteins localized to the cell 
walls and we postulate that they participitate in cell-cell interactions 
during hyphal aggregation. The highly regulated expression of galectins 
in fruitbody formation makes it possible to identify important cis- and 
trans-acting elements in regulation of fruitbody development with a 
suitable reporter system. The functional analysis of the galectin 
proteins will establish the biological role of galectins in 
multicellular aggregation. Isolation of the respective galectin ligands 
will bring about insight in cell wall glycoproteins mediating hyphal 
interaction, a key event in fruitbody formation.
The proposed project is designed for two PhD students that will work in 
close cooperation with each other and with a Post-Doc, an expert for 
fungal galectins. Most of importance is therefore the willingness of the 
applicant for group interaction. Experiences in biochemistry, molecular 
and/or cell biology are of advantage. A successful PhD candidate must 
have a masters degree (diploma). Starting date of the PhD is flexible.
We are a multilingual group giving the opportunity to communicate in 
various languages. We offer the possibility to experience classical and 
molecular genetics, biochemistry, cytology, light and EM microscopy etc. 
Our department is well equipped for all molecular, biochemical and 
mycological research as for the newest developments in computing. The 
ETH has excellent libraries. It is embedded in a stimulating scientific 
environment including the university of Zürich and various other 
research institutes.
Please contact for further information and send your application with 
curriculum vitae to:
	Prof. Markus Aebi 		(Tel: ++41-1-6326413; e-mail: 
aebi at micro.biol.ethz.ch)
or 	Dr. Ursula Kües		(Tel: ++41-1-6324925; e-mail: 
kuees at micro.biol.ethz.ch)
	ETH Zürich
	Institut für Mikrobiologie 	(Fax: ++41-1-6321148) 
	Schmelzberstr. 7
	CH-8037 Zürich

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