Acidic Carbohydrates

Tue Jun 9 11:21:02 EST 1998

MALDI-MS preferentially detects those molecules with positive charges, for 
example, a peptide with more positive charges produces more intense signal 
than the one with no such charges.  Carbohydrate in general produce 
relatively weak signals comparing with peptides, and negative (acidic) 
carbohydrates will be worse for detection by MALDI-MS.  I am sure you have 
tried negative ion mode for detection.  Another way to enhance your signal is 
to couple your carbohydrate with some organic compounds that fly better (but 
I don't know actual examples).  Someone out there may give a better advice.

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Can anybody give me a good hint to investigate acidic carbohydrates by

I tried a lot of different matrices and it seems to be a problem in this
area...but without success..

So please try to help me with some informations.   Thanks


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