Do you know about Cytisus sessilifolius agglutinin

Thorkild C. Bxg-Hansen tcbh at BIOBASE.DK
Wed Jan 7 05:32:43 EST 1998

Dear friends, help is needed about lectin
CSA-I (ie C.sessilifolia)
If you know something, please reply directly to Richard Morrid, see
Sincerely yours, Thorkild C. Bxg-Hansen

richardm at liverpool.ac.uk wrote:
> Dear Dr Thorkild,
>         I stumbled across your really nice lectin link and nomeclature pages http://plab.ku.dk/tcbh/lectin-links.htm
> whilst trying to track down a supplier of CSA-1. Eventully I located the
> distributor for EY labs in the UK but we have some confusion over
> whether they supply CSA-I (ie C.sessilifolia) or CSA-II (C.scoparius).
> The distributor is getting back to EY labs to try and sort this out. We
> want to use this lectin (CSA-I) to separate out endothelial cells in the
> dog and are working from a paper saying that this lectin is specific for
> these cells in the dog. (Roussel F and Dalion J., Lectins as markers of
> endothelial cells: comparative study between human and animal cells, Lab
> Animals 1988: 22 p135-140)
>         I would be grateful for any advice you can offer concerning supplyers
> of C. Sessilifolius. If you know anyone or know of anything that would
> help us in developing this lectin based system for purification of
> endothelial cells from dogs I would be most grateful for any advice.
> Thankyou. Richard Morris Email richardm at liverpool.ac.uk


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