sialic acid 9-O acetylation

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Tue Jan 6 17:28:07 EST 1998

In article <34995F8A.24D0 at icrf.icnet.uk>, M.Dalziel at ICRF.ICNET.UK (Martin Dalziel) writes:
>Anyone know of a method for de 9-0 acetylation of Neu5,9Ac2 that does
>not effect the c5 acetyl group?
>Is there a specific acetytlase avaliable (i.e. sialate
>9-O-acetylesterase, EC
>Martin Dalziel

Hello Martin

Because the 9 acetyl group is a ester group and the 5 is and amide, which is
much more stable to basic hydrolysis. there are quite a lot chemical methods to
differentiate between these two groups. For example aqueous ammonia would only
cleave the 9 acetyl group. 
But the best conditions are dependent to your specific problem, are the
Neu5,9Ac2 part of a glycoprotein that will deneutralize under the specic
conditions ...

I hope this hints help you a little.

Christoph Schaub, Universitaet Konstanz 

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