ManLev (N-levulinol mannosamine)

mmm_klehnert at mednov1.auckland.ac.nz mmm_klehnert at mednov1.auckland.ac.nz
Mon Sep 22 19:23:36 EST 1997

Has anyone an idea or reference on where to buy or how to 
synthesize a compound called "ManLev", which is N-levulinoyl 
mannosamine, basically a N-acteylmannosamine in which the amine 
group is substituted by levulinic acid (COOH-CH2-CH2-CO-CH3)?
I'm not a chemist, so I don't think mixing ManNAc and levulinic 
acid will work, and even if so, how to purify the ManLev???

Help required!!!

Looking forward to your replies..., thanks


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