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I am studying L-Rhamnose as a sweetner in the human body & am having
difficutly finding any recent, accurate studies.  Can you help?

I am looking for the following answers:

1.  Non-Caloric aspects of L-rhamnose
2.  Fermentation of L-rhamnose in the human body by human enzymes or
bacteris/etc. in the intestines.
3.  insulin repsonse to L-rhamnose in humans
4.  Laxative effect to humans by L-rhamnose
5.  Tolerance levels of L-rhamnose by humans
5.  sweetness of rhamnose
a.  compared to glucose & sucrose
b.  sweetness aftertaste
c.  sweetness stability in PH ranges
d.  sweetness stability to heat
e.  sweetness stability over time in liquids
f.  stability of crystaline rhamnose over time
g.  quality of sweetness.

Any  help you can give me would be appreciated.


Jana McCarty
JanaMcC at aol.com 

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