glycoprotein staining

Soohyun Kim shkim at COMP.KBSI.RE.KR
Mon Jun 30 03:48:28 EST 1997


I have questions about glycoprotein staining. I have partial purified
some protein with con-A sepharose. When I electrophoresed the partial
purified eluate, several major and minor bands ranged from 10 to 150 kD
were appeared on silver stained gel. But I didn't get any signal from
DIG detection on nitrocellulose membrane under about 50 kD. Of course,
standard glycoprotein, fetuin was stained well. So, I am wondering
whether all of the proteins eluted from lectin chromatography were
glycoprotein or a part of the protein was non-glycoprotein. 
My second question is what product for glycoprotein staining is more
sensitive and specific. Any idea will be helpful to me.
Best regards.

Soohyun Kim

Korea Basic Science Institute
shkim at comp.kbsi.re.kr

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