Announcing Moderation of the News Group

Christian Frosch frosc000 at mail.uni-mainz.de
Sun Jun 22 13:23:59 EST 1997


due to the recent spamming on this news group we are currently working
on moderation of this news group. Moderation will only affect those
who are posting their spams to this group. These postings will not
appear in this news group.

Moderation will be done by David Ashford (University of York) or
Christian Frosch (University of Mainz). We are both working for 
The Glycoscience Network (TGN) whose organisers Barry Hardy
and Iain Wilson originally implemented the bionet.glycosci news group.

We will neither be responsible for any other posting (related to the
Glycosciences) nor will we influence the content of these postings.

Since we will need a few days to set up the moderation there might be
some more non-scientific messages in the meantime, so please bear
with us.

Additionally, I would like to point your attention to 
The Glycoscience Network (TGN)
TGN keeps a moderated mailing list for glycoscientists: tgn at vei.co.uk
Subscription to the list is free and there are no spams on this list.

Electronic Glycoscience Conference-related news and announcements will
be posted regularly 
to the TGN mailing list (tgn at vei.co.uk).  If you are receiving this
message from the tgn list you are already subscribed. 

If you wish to subscribe to the TGN list send the following
one line message to tgn-request at vei.co.uk:

subscribe tgn at vei.co.uk your_email at address 

To unsubscribe send the following message:

unsubscribe tgn at vei.co.uk your_email at address 


Christian Frosch

Institute of Toxicology
University Mainz
Obere Zahlbacher Str. 67
D-55131 Mainz
E-mail:  frosc000 at mail.uni-mainz.de

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