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> I too am tired of the messages that are being posted on the newsgroup. I 
> think that it is time to moderate the group so as to get rid of this 
> junk, as I am sure that it is causing a lot of people to unsubscribe. I 
> would be willing to help in this matter, if somebody could tell me what 
> the procedure is!

I was also wondering why the group is so quiet at present. There seems to
be very little interaction going on. With most of the posts being of the
noticeboard type. It makes me think that people may have moved to
somewhere else?
> Secondly, I was wondering if anybody knows of a method of detecting a 
> core alpha 1,6-linked fucose residue on a protein-bound oligosaccharide 
> chain. I have looked through the catalogues for an appropriate lectin, 
> but to no avail.

Try Lens Culinaris lectin, this is regarded as indicating fucosylated core

See for refs.

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Ian Mc

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