Charles WARREN warren at MSHRI.ON.CA
Thu Jun 19 08:09:31 EST 1997


I too am fed up with the spams.  One other list I am subscribed to is not
moderated but avoids the problem by only letting subscribers post.  This is
done I believe by cross-checking the sender's email address against those
recorded for subscribers.  It seems to work very well, avoids the need to
moderate, but I am not sure if it is feasible with the BIONET system.

On the detection of a1-6 Fuc linked to glycoproteins, I think that the lectin
Aleuria aurantia will do this.  The original description was by Kobata's group
and it has been used for this by them.  I believe that the lectin is sold by
SKK (Seikagaku (?sp)).

Regards,	Charles

Charles Warren
Mount Sinai Hospital

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