exoglycosidase activity on native glycoproteins

Dr. David Hoover hooverd at CRYSV1.NCIFCRF.GOV
Tue Jun 17 15:00:22 EST 1997

Does anyone have experiences with exoglycosidase reactions on native, non-
denatured glycoproteins?  I have a glycoprotein with complex N-linked
oligosaccarides which, upon removal of the sugars by PNGase F, becomes 
irreversibly denatured.  Other endoglycosidases have no effect, due to the
complexity of the oligosaccarides.  I would like to remove the terminal 
sialic acids, galactoses, and glcNAcs.  

Are there exoglycosidases available with high enough activity to allow this?
I understand there are better ways around this problem (expression in other,
more restrictive glycosylating systems), but for various reasons these options
are closed.  A discussion of the quality of available exoglycosidases (such
as Sigma, Boehringer Mannheim, NEB, Glyko, etc.) would be very helpful.


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