Inhibition of glycosylation

Ian McFarlane I.McFarlane at icrf.icnet.uk
Mon Jul 14 05:58:09 EST 1997

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> To the glycobiology group
> I´m looking for inhibitors, that prevents the glycosylation of protein in
> fungal expressionsystems. I have found the inhibitor "Tunicamycin", that
> inhibits the first step in the formation of dolichol pyrophosphat
> oligosaccharide. But is there a known inhibitor that prevents the O-linked
> glycosylation?
> Thank you

Benzyl-O-GalNAc is a competitive inhibitor of 0-glycan chain extension,
however if i remember correctly in fungal (yeast is the one i'm talking
about) systems O-glycosylation is poly mannosylation. This is not my field
but I assume that there are mutants which lack the machinery for
O-glycosylation. Try the work of Widmar Tanner and Martina Gentzsch from
Univ. Regensburg, Germany.

Ian Mc

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