Inhibition of glycosylation

Dr. Taj Mattu taj at glycob.ox.ac.uk
Thu Jul 10 03:47:06 EST 1997

Jens-Christan Juhl Poulsen wrote:
> To the glycobiology group
> I´m looking for inhibitors, that prevents the glycosylation of protein in
> fungal expressionsystems. I have found the inhibitor "Tunicamycin", that
> inhibits the first step in the formation of dolichol pyrophosphat
> oligosaccharide. But is there a known inhibitor that prevents the O-linked
> glycosylation?
> Thank you

You could try any of the common three below:-

DEOXYNOJIRIMYCIN - inhibitor of glucosiadase I and II useful in the
absence of Golgi endomannosidase activity (by-pass pathway allowing
processing of glucosylated glycans), since glycans are restricted to
glucosylated oligomannose structures.

DEOXYMANNOJIRIMYCIN -inhibitor of Golgi alpha 1,2 mannosidase and
restricts glycans to oligomannose types.

SWAINSONINE -prevents complex glycan formation and restricts glycans to
oligomannose and hybrid types.

I have found the Oxford Glycosciences catalogue (+44 (0)235 554701) to
be very useful, since they supply a range of glycosyltransferase and
glycosidase inhibitors in addition to various other "glycobiology
tools". The catalogue is quite thorough and allows you to find out what
you possibly need for your experiments. 
Of course once you know what you need, you could source the chemicals
elsewhere - Sigma, Boehringer, BioCarb etc.

Your sincerely

Dr. Taj S. Mattu

Dept. Biochemistry
Oxford University.

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