Database of Oglycosylated proteins.

Jan Hansen janhan at cbs.dtu.dk
Tue Jan 28 08:44:37 EST 1997

Oglycbase V 2.0 is ready at: http://www.cbs.dtu.dk/databases/OGLYCBASE/
or FTP: ftp://virus.cbs.dtu.dk/pub/Oglyc/

Documented in:J.E. Hansen, O. Lund, K. Rapacki and S. Brunak.
O-glycbase version 2.0 - A revised database of O-glycosylated proteins.
Nucleic Acids Research: 25: 278-282, 1997.

O-GLYCBASE is an updated database of information on glycoproteins and
their O-linked glycosylation sites. Entries are compiled and revised
from the literature, and from the SWISS-PROT database. Entries include
information about species, sequence, glycosylation sites and glycan
type. O-GLYCBASE is now fully cross-referenced to the SWISS-PROT, PIR,
PROSITE, PDB, EMBL, HSSP, LISTA and MIM databases. Compared with version
1.0 the number of entries have increased by 34%. Revision of the
O-glycan assignment was performed on 20% of the entries. Sequence logos
displaying the acceptor specificity patterns for the GalNAc, mannose
and GlcNAc transferases are shown. The O-GLYCBASE database is available
through WWW or by anonymous FTP.

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