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Iain Wilson WILSON at edv1.boku.ac.at
Thu Jan 23 03:52:58 EST 1997

Dear Glycosci Newsgroup readers,

About a week ago the idea of moderating the group was being
discussed and I received some replies from readers of the newsgroup.
One respondent said it was not necessary, another that it was not
necessary now but will be in the future, one suggested
'subscribers-only posting rights, three others supported moderation
and three more supported it saying they would volunteer to help 

I now have a response from the BIOSCI newsgroups administrator - 
see forwarded message below. As such a moderation rota or 
'subscribers-only' posting rights are not possible. However, perhaps 
if a special e-mail account was used that four or so people knew the 
password for, then the moderation rota idea could work.

I think that the BIOSCI newsgroup acts as a useful front door for the
subject - but the downside is that we cannot customise the software
to suit our moderation needs - the TGN and EGC-2 lists are moderated,
but then they are run by 'one of us' and are there mainly for
announcements; however, even though - personally - I'll just delete
the nonsense when I see it, it seems that there is a change in
opinion (although eight people I don't suppose constitute a quorum on
the newsgroup!). Therefore I wish an informal vote - send e-mails to
me - of perhaps twenty or thirty more e-mail subscribers before 1) I
set in motion any change in the moderation status and 2) investigate
whether we can set up a moderation e-mail address.


------- Forwarded Message Follows -------

> Dear Dr. Kristofferson,
> Amongst GLYCOSCI newsgroup readers (at least those who have e-mailed
> me this week) there seems to be some mood-swing towards moderation,
> due to an increase in 'junk mail'. One reader though suggested that
> rather than go for moderation that a subscribers-only posting ability
> is something that would be less cumbersome, but would acheive the
> same result. I have not read that this is possible for BIOSCI
> newsgroups, but is it? Otherwise a 'moderation rota' is one idea
> being suggested.
> Best regards,
> Iain Wilson
> co-discussion leader, glycosci newsgroup

We do not have the programming resources available right now to
overhaul our system and then do the ongoing maintainenance that the
suggestion above entails.  This may work for one list but we have to
administer over 100 and such a system would quickly become a large
burden on our limited staff (subscribers are always changing addresses
and don't keep their listings up to date).  Moderation is easy to
implement and easy for a moderator to do - I moderate three lists
myself and it doesn't take much time at all (and I have an extremely
demanding project management position overseeing three projects for my
*real* work).

I include the instructions below. If you are interested, we can
convert the group for you.  No need for a vote.


				Dave Kristofferson
				BIOSCI/bionet Manager

				biosci-help at net.bio.net

[Note from Iain: Since these instructions are long, I have deleted
them, but can forward them to those who are interested: but you have
to have a mailer that **preserves the original message header
intact** in order to act as moderator and also you could become
liable for any libellous material you approve.] 

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