Option to moderate the GLYCOSCI list

John Proudman, GGPL, B-262 johnp at GGPL.ARSUSDA.GOV
Thu Jan 16 12:53:15 EST 1997

I also do not find the current level of junk mail to be unmanageable, but I
think that this problem will only increase in the future.  Although I have
access through a newsgroup reader, it is unlikely that I would find the
time to read the messages this way.  When they just arrive at my desk by
email, I find that I am much more likely to read them.  Moderation would keep
this volume of messages down and perhaps, as suggested earlier, help to
retain subscribers.  I am keenly aware that 'most everyone is already
overwhelmed with responsibilities these days, so I hate to endorse something
that means additional work for anyone, but if volunteers are available I
would support switching the newsgroup to a moderated newsgroup.


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