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Iain Wilson WILSON at edv1.boku.ac.at
Thu Jan 16 07:05:23 EST 1997

Dear Glycosci subscribers,

I have received one mail from a subscriber to ask whether I will
reconsider the case for moderation. This mail is to restate policy
and also to let you know that I do notice 'nonsense' posts. However,
about four months ago, when I last raised the subject on the list,
three people said 'no' to moderation since they said it was easy to
pick out the 'nonsense' posts; no people were in favour. My position
continues to be that I will opt for moderation if there is a demand
from subscribers. The noise ratio is fairly high at the moment, but I
can't force there to be more 'real' posts, since these have to come
from you, but I am sure there's more going on in 'glycoscience' than
we see here on the list - including, I hope, more job vacancies.
Obviously if you are concerned about your own Internet servicing
costs due to 'waste' e-mail and you have access to an NNTP server to
read the group via a newsreader, you can self-select posts of
interest; or you can also read the newsgroup on Netscape through the
www.bio.net site. 

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