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Loes Kroon-Batenburg bate at chem.ruu.nl
Thu Jan 2 05:56:51 EST 1997

POST-DOC position available

A post-doc position is currently available in our group in the
framework of an EU-project in the FAIR program (Agriculture) for a
of 2.5-3 years. The project is titled: 'The strength  of wood fibres. 
Association between hemicellulose and cellulose at the molecular level'.
It is a collaboration of 5 groups in Finland, The Netherlans, Sweden,
and Slowakia, where every group contributes with its own specialism.
Part of the work deals with modelling through Monte Carlo, docking and 
Molecular dynamics, to study the interaction of hemicelluloses to
microfibrils (in particular crystal surfaces).
The post-doc has the task to perform MD simulations and obtain
data by Infra Red spectroscopy. Candidates with experience in either
and interest in performing both theoretical and experimental work are
asked to apply. Please send an e-mail if you are interested.
The groups research is focussed on X-ray crystallography on small
and macromolecules  and has a considerable experience in modelling
and combining experimental and theoretical data, especially in the
field of carbohydrates.

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