Third Electronic Glycoscience Conference (Reminder)

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Wed Aug 27 16:27:20 EST 1997

Third Electronic Glycoscience Conference 

The Third Electronic Glycoscience Conference (EGC-3) will be held on
the Internet and World Wide Web (http://www.vei.co.uk/egc3/) from 
Oct 6 - 17, 1997. EGC-3 will be a fully international event open to
all members of the scientific community and will cover a broad range
of disciplines related to carbohydrate and glycoconjugate molecules
including chemical, physical, biological and medical areas using
theoretical, experimental and computational approaches. 

Conference subject areas are: General and Functional Glycobiology;
Glycanalysis; Glycoimmunology; Glycolipids; Glycomedicine;
Glycosyltransferases; Lectins; Mass Spectrometry; Molecular Modelling
and Design; NMR; Organic Chemistry; Polysaccharides and Cellulose; and
Proteoglycans and Glycosaminoglycans. Each subject area has a section
convener who will screen abstracts sent by authors for suitability. 

The following scientists have accepted invitations to present 'invited
     M. Bird (UK, Lectins) 
     W. van Dijk (Netherlands, Glycomedicine) 
     P. Grootenhuis and M. Kouwijzer (Netherlands, Molecular
     J. Lau (USA, Glycosyltransferases) 
     G. Lippens (France, NMR) 
     R. Renkonen (Finland, Glycoimmunology) 

Authors can opt to have their presentation in the following

     non-permanent WWW presentation of a conference poster 
     non-permanent WWW presentation of a conference lecture 
     refereed WWW presentation which will be considered for permanent
 electronic publication in the Internet Journal of Chemistry (IJC),


If you intend to participate in EGC-3 please use the special
registration form accessible via http://www.vei.co.uk/egc3/

Reminder: Deadline for the Receipt of Abstracts is September 1st!
Email your abstract directly to egc3abstracts at vei.co.uk

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