Subscribing to TGN mailing list

DavidA DavidA at vei.co.uk
Tue Aug 5 09:37:41 EST 1997

Dear All,

There was a minor error concerning the automated subscription to The 
Glycoscience Network (TGN) mailing list in the recent EGC-3 announcement.
If you have tried to subscribe using the previous instructions and got an 
error message don't worry. You have been added to the list by TGN admin.

The correct subscription procedure is contained in the description below. 

David Ashford
TGN Co-ordinator
DavidA at vei.co.uk


The Glycoscience Network (TGN) mailing list

The mailing list of TGN (tgn at vei.co.uk) is a moderated list used for 
information exchange among glycoscientists and for announcements regarding 
new developments at TGN.

News and announcements relating to EGC-3 will also be posted regularly to 
the mailing list.

If you wish to subscribe to the TGN list send the following:

	subscribe your_email_address

in the body of a message to tgn-request at vei.co.uk.

To unsubscribe send the following message:

	unsubscribe your_email_address

to the same address.


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