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  1. AGE   Barry Rosen
  2. alpha-gal specific animal lectins?   Mr. Xin Dong
  4. BIOSCI/bionet miniFAQ & Fundraiser   BIOSCI Administrator
  5. Call for nominations: IGO Award   Harry Schachter
  6. Deglycosylating cell surfaces in situ?   Dr. A Devitt
  7. Disaccharide availability   Brian Walker
  8. Disaccharide availability   J.-D. Cornillot
  9. Disaccharide Request   Brian Walker
  10. EGC-2 schedule - your input   Iain Wilson
  11. EGC-2: Late Registration   egc2org
  12. Free Mailing List!!   Mailing Lists
  13. Free Mailing List!!   Mailing Lists
  14. Glycogen in rat liver   MANTAUR
  15. glycosci   Yutaka Sanai
  16. Help for solubility of legominose lectin ???   Thomas Haselhorst
  17. IGO Research Award - call for nominations   Harry Schachter
  18. Information   Screen
  19. Information   Screen
  20. known ConA binding proteins   John Bishop
  21. known ConA binding proteins   David Ashford
  22. known ConA binding proteins   Craig Webster
  23. known ConA binding proteins   Corne Stroop
  24. known ConA binding proteins   kzhao at BIOVX1.BIOLOGY.UCLA.EDU
  25. O-linked sugars  
  26. O-linked sugars   MSLADE at RNA.BIO.MQ.EDU.AU
  27. O-linked sugars   David Ashford
  28. O-linked sugars   Olivier Nosjean
  29. Phospholipase C inhibitors   todd andrew johnson
  30. Phospholipase C inhibitors   Olivier Nosjean
  31. Post-doc position available   Peter Tyler
  32. postdoctoral positions available   Lawrence Tabak
  33. Protein glycosylation question   J. S. Good
  34. Protein glycosylation question   Olivier Nosjean
  35. searching for 3-N-Ribosyluric acid and 3-N-Ribosylxanthine   Benoit Prieur
  36. Searching glycobio databases   J.-D. Cornillot
  37. Searching glycobio databases   Iain Wilson
  38. Searching glycobio databases   Albert van Kuik

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