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Della Noche dnoche at mail.wco.com
Sat May 11 11:23:14 EST 1996

The last Vitamin C study I heard involved 7 men in good health in their 
20's - it was determined that 200 mg. of C a day was a good amount for 
them.   This is a two edged-sword - on one hand I understand that NIH or 
some government agency will now be recommending we boost the RDA or 
whatever they call it these days from 60 mgs. a day to 200 mgs. based on 
the results with these 7 healthy young men.

Raising the level is good - esp. in view of France's and Norway's 
attempts to make Vit. C illegal.   But when one considers the health of 
the people in question, their age, and the small number in the study, one 
has to ask what people in their 40's, esp. those who are not in perfect 
health, should be taking?


pats at sco.com (Patrick Salsbury) wrote:
>In article <31922474.1D59 at ephys.ucla.edu> Richard Kondo <rkondo at ephys.ucla.edu> writes:
>-	It may reduce the oxidation of LDL, a process which promotes the 
>-development of atherosclerotic lesions, for example, and thus protect 
>-people from myocardial infarction.  But, again, it needs to be absorbed 
>-into the body.  The AHFS (American Hospital Formulary Service) drug 
>-information book states that diarrhea may occur at oral doses of 1g/day.  
>-It, moreover, quotes an unnamed study which observed 50% absorption of a 
>-single 1.5g oral dose in normal subjects.
>-Richard Kondo
>-Cardiovascular Research Lab
>	I currently take 1-2g of Vit. C orally each day, and have taken 3g on
>occaision. No diarrhea problems. I've heard from personal sources and that
>Pauling also stated diarrhea problems may actually start at the 6g+/day
>dosage. Your milage may vary. 
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