Oligosaccharide standards

Dr Doug BROOKS dbrooks at medicine.adelaide.edu.au
Tue Mar 19 20:23:56 EST 1996

Re: Oligosaccharide standards

We are currently running radiolabelled N-linked high-mannose and complex
oligosaccharides (isolated from fibroblasts from galactosaemia patients) on
sizing columns and HPLC.

We have a need for specific radiolabelled standards :- GlcNAc2-Man5,
GlcNAc2-Man8, GlcNac2-Man9, GlcNac2-Man9-Glc3. 

Is there anyone who knows of a source to obtain any of these standards or
has some of these that they could spare.

Yours Sincerely,

Doug Brooks.
Dr. Doug Brooks,
Senior Research Officer,
Department of Chemical Pathology,
Women's and Children's Hospital,
North Adelaide, S.A. 5006.

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