AU Directory Site and TGN

Laura Morris chelcmx at wolf
Tue Mar 12 12:31:53 EST 1996

I would like to announce a mirror site for the Directory of 
Glycoscientists in Australia at Monash University. Thanks go to Jeff 
Dyason and Dr. Mark von Itzstein for providing the site. It's address is:


Also, the directory at Georgia State has been moved to another 
workstation. A link to direct you to the new site will remain at the 
old site address for at least the next few months. The new address is:


A few reflections on TGN....

As you may have noticed there is a new directory structure at the sites. 
It is meant to reflect the development of The Glycoscience Network (TGN). 
I thought (but haven't checked with Barry or Iain yet) that perhaps we 
would standardize site addresses (to a certain extent) to help promote 
TGN and make it easier for people to find TGN pages. And if we do adopt 
TGN as the main directory to put everything in perhaps we should also 
have an index.html file at each site to list what TGN pages are at that 

Barry, Iain, everyone, let me know what you think.



P.S. The Directory is listed as being last updated Sunday March 10th. 
I have not however included all the updates and additions that I have 
received recently. I've had finals here at GSU but now that they're over 
I should have everything updated by the end of the week.


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