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Laura Morris chelcmx at PANTHER.GSU.EDU
Tue Mar 5 18:06:34 EST 1996

Greetings All,

I just wanted to drop you all a little note letting you know that there 
are now 3 sites at which you may find the Directory of Glycoscientists.

UK: Oxford (courtesy of Barry Hardy)

US East Coast: Georgia State Univ. (the "home" site)


US West Coast: Univ. of Calif. Irvine (courtesy of David Brant's group)

I would like to thank Barry Hardy, David Brant, and Jennifer Liu (of the 
DB group) for mirroring the directory. I hope that having additional 
sites makes it easier for everyone to access the directory. There will be 
more sites in the near future. I'll keep you posted as they are added.

The directory will soon be undergoing massive updating (as soon as the 
quarter is over, about 2 weeks). I have already started emailing requests 
for confirmation of information (alphabetically) and will soon start 
making requests for additions directly to people who aren't on the list. 
I will happily take any requests for additions or corrections. Remember, 
I'm only one person, so if I haven't sent email to you it probably means 
that I haven't gotten around to it yet. 

I hope to see you all on the web!



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