Carbohydrate detection on Westerns

phillip buckhaults buckhaults at bscr.uga.edu
Sun Mar 3 03:34:50 EST 1996

Roy Jefferis wrote:
> I would like to hear of experiences of detecting glycosylation of
> proteins on Western blots. We have had variable experiences with
> labelled lectins in detecting complex oligosaccharides of IgG
> antibody molecules. In the present instance we want to determine
> the presence or absence of oligosaccharide in the Fab fragments
> followingregion of mini-digests of paraproteins. If a commercial
> product has been found satisfactory please give source and details.
> Thanks, Roy Jefferis, Dept. Immunology.

I use biotinylated lectins from Vector (415-697-3600), and a SA-HRP 
conjugate with the ECL reagents from amersham.  works fine for detecting 
GlcNAcb1,6Man branches and polylactosamine on total cellular 
glycoproteins. good luck!

GlcNAcTransferase-V  GlcNAcTransferase-V  GlcNAcTransferase-V  

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