Sulfated glyco protein analysis

kapweav at CENCOM.NET kapweav at CENCOM.NET
Sun Mar 3 10:21:54 EST 1996

We are trying to determine if there is sulfated carbohydrate on our 
glycoprotein (MW 50000 based on amino acid analysis, 65-70 kDa based on 
PAGE).  Our favoured technique is HPLC analysis of a trypsin digest of 
the protein using on-line electrospray MS (high orifice potential to 
break the S-Ocarbohydrate bond).  Does anyone know of a complimentary 
technique and have a reference for it?  Also, does anyone have a good 
general reference describing the types of sulfated carbohydrate typically 
found in nature?  Thank you for all responses.

James Kapron.

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