EGC-2 Abstract Deadline and Author Instructions

Iain Wilson WILSON at edv1.boku.ac.at
Wed Jun 26 09:12:08 EST 1996


*** A final deadline for abstracts for the Second Electronic Glycoscience 
Conference (EGC-2) has been set for 15th JULY 1996 (extended from 
15th June). This is a rigid deadline for receipt of abstracts since 
FTP and WWW sites have to be set up in preparation for the 
conference, while giving any people who have only just found out 
about the conference time to submit an abstract.

*** Send your abstract by e-mail to the relevant section convener as 
listed in the Guide for Authors at:

*** Please advise the convener as to whether you wish your presentation 
to be:
- non-permanent (not to be considered for publication)
- letter to the editor (to be refereed for consideration for 
publication in Glycoconjugate Journal)
- full paper (to be refereed for consideration for publication in 
Glycoconjugate Journal)

*** Special note for those who have e-mailed Thomas Weimar the NMR 
convener: due to Deutsche Telekom difficulties, e-mails to Thomas 
Weimar may not have been received - if you have sent an abstract to 
him but have received no acknowledgement, please try sending your 
abstract again!

*** The final date by which the presentations themselves should be 
received by FTP (or other electronic means as discussed with the 
conference organisers) is 15th AUGUST 1996. By that time any 
conversion of files into WWW-compatible formats should be completed - 
any help you require, for conversion of text to HTML and figures into 
GIF, etc, should be requested well in advance. 

*** If you wish your presentation to be considered for publication in
Glycoconjugate Journal, your paper/letter should be in accordance
with the Instructions for Authors of that journal (a hyperlink is
available through the EGC-2 Guide for Authors). You can make a second
version of the presentation in any WWW-compatible form you wish (with
extra figures/tables, special formats, etc). However, the version of
the presentation for consideration in the journal should not be
excessive in length and this 'journal version' must be available for
the conference in order that referees can view it. If you have any
queries on this do not hesitate to contact me.

*** Any 'scientific programme' questions should be addressed to me at 
wilson at edv1.boku.ac.at

*** Any 'technical' questions - registration, HTML conversion, 
password, payment, etc queries should be addressed to 
egc2org at bellatrix.pcl.ox.ac.uk

*** Questions on HTML can also be sent to Mark Thijssen, who has 
kindly offered us his assistance as a 'helpdesk', at markt at boc.chem.ruu.nl 

*** Finally, at least one author on a presentation must be 
registered. Find the electronic registration form via 

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