Fri Jun 21 08:18:29 EST 1996

Dear Sir:
I am a university student of Beijing Medical Univ.
Now I'm doing an experiment about neuglycoconjanguate.
I have Some Quesions:
How can I synath a conpound of galactose and album of mice?
the cost of this method must as cheap and easy as possible.
Since My lab deos not give me much money for this experiment.
After that I want to inject this conpound to mice.
Because as we know ,galactose can supress the immigration of 
tumors,if we connect galactose to a large protein, may be it 
will supress the immigration of tumor better.
How do you think of my experiment?
Please give me some advise.
Thanks a lot!
Sincerely yours  Na  Jie

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