Problems with lipids

IAN MCFARLANE imcfarlane at its.dundee.ac.uk
Sun Jul 28 11:03:25 EST 1996

 I'm about start looking at the effects of lipids on my adherent cell 
cultures. I have previously used cholesterol solublised in ethanol and sterile 
filtered. I now want to use some other lipidsbut need a bit of advice on the 
following points.

1) What should I solublise phospholipids in ?
2) What should I solublise gangliosides in ?
3) I want to extract lipid from tissue samples, will a 
       chloroform/methanol ie Bligh-Dyer extract
       all the lipids including the ones mentioned above ?
4) Also once I have extracted my lipids what solvent should I 
       use to solublise and filter them ?
5) For the above it would be easy to sonicate to form a micellar
      suspension but how do you sterilise afterwards and if such 
      a suspension is made hao long will it keep for ?

If you can help me on any of the above points or suggest references 
that might I would be most grateful

Ian Mc

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